Visual Sciences, Inc.

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   PO Box 90335 Raleigh, NC 27675 919-782-3030 fax 919-782-8406
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Visual Sciences, Inc. (VSI) specializes in developing scientifically accurate computer simulations and visualizations for analyzing and demonstrating mechanical systems and dynamic events. VSI is a leader in the application of computer technology to the fields of engineering and science, with specific expertise in the areas of forensic engineering, mechanical analysis, and accident reconstruction. Our clients include engineers, scientists, attorneys, architects, educators, product designers, and manufacturers.

Engineering analyses are often complex and difficult to understand. Because most people are visual learners, VSI makes extensive use of 3-D modeling and computer graphics to provide our clients with realistic animations which are based on the laws of physics, engineering analyses, and accepted scientific principles. These compelling visualizations illustrate clearly and assist in the understanding of otherwise complex dynamic events and phenomena.

The technical accuracy of our work is backed by over twenty years of successful experience and an expert staff of scientists, engineers, and designers. VSI is committed to supporting your needs and working within your parameters. Our scientific expertise, combined with cutting edge technology, assure that you will receive the highest quality work in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

VSI is conveniently located near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and is only a short distance from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Our laboratory is equipped with high-end computer workstations running state-of-the-art design, simulation, and visualization software that is accepted throughout the industry.


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